If there’s one business that needs a good lawyer, it’s a start-up. Established companies have teams of in-house lawyers on staff because their legal needs are great. Start-ups have similar needs, but lack the budget to hire their own in-house lawyers.  

This is where Calixto Associates & Solventis comes in.

We serve as outsourced legal counsel for start-ups and emerging companies. We take care of the legal side of running your start-up so that you focus on running the business side.

We help start-ups decide on how to structure their enterprises, craft agreements, protect their intellectual property, obtain financing and plenty more.

If your company needs an in-house lawyer but can’t afford one just yet, give us a call.

Very knowledgeable staff, able to provide clear and straight forward legal advice. Helped in acquiring a small business.
— Chris Mavis

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