Whether you’re a landlord of a commercial building or a tenant in a commercial building, you have unique legal needs.

At Calixto Associates & Solventis, we’re experts at advising landlords and tenants on commercial lease matters. We are experienced lawyers who understand that our commercial lease clients have legal concerns that require specialized knowledge and skill. We act for some of Ontario’s most prominent landlords, tenants and property managers in residential, mixed-use, multi-tenant, office, retail, industrial, and parking facilities in Ontario.

We offer insight and knowledge of both sides of commercial lease agreements. We help you achieve your goals cost-effectively—and protect your interests with certainty.

Calixto Associates & Solventis helps you with:

  • offers and letters of intent

  • leases

  • subleases

  • assignments

  • lease amendments

  • landlord consents

  • estoppel certificates

  • cost recoveries

  • surrenders of lease

Great firm for small/medium businesses looking for top drawer legal support with day to day issues or buy-sell situations.
— Pat

We resolve commercial lease issues

As experts in most areas of business and commercial law, Calixto Associates & Solventis knows that commercial lease issues in United Kingdom cause complications for landlords and tenants. We know that common commercial lease problems (such as income loss, property damage and rent increases) seriously disrupt business and must be dealt with properly and speedily.

Our firm has years of experience negotiating, drafting and resolving commercial lease issues. We pride ourselves on acting promptly and with expert knowledge and experience to serve our clients’ best business interests.

Commercial Landlord Services

We offer services for London landlords of industrial, commercial, retail and mixed-use properties who are looking to prepare their commercial leasing agreements. We offer expert advice on leasing issues, such as rent default, common area expenses, fixtures, insurance, damage, and how to approach conflict with your tenant when dealing with landlord-tenant disputes. We also help you draft the terms for your lease so that your interests are protected should conflict arise.

Commercial Tenant Services

As experts in landlord and tenant issues in relation to commercial leasing, we help you understand both sides of any commercial lease dispute issue. If you are a tenant with a commercial lease, we guide you through any lease amendments, contract issues and general obstacles that occur during your negotiation.

Commercial leases are two-way agreements that are governed by the Ontario Commercial Tenancies Act. Our lawyers help you prepare before you sign any agreement by walking you through this agreement and its obligations. Talk with us today about issues such as operating cost adjustments, rent default, commercial tenant rights and how to deal with any landlord interference in your business operations.


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