If you’re buying a business in the Greater London Area, you have questions. Questions about obtaining funding. Questions about negotiating agreements of purchase and sale. Questions about protecting your interests.

Business acquisition lawyers James Moore, LL.M and Claire Adams, LL.M are here to give you answers. They are experienced with private equity investing, and have the contacts you need to find merger and acquisition targets, secure funding, and negotiate with banks and other lenders.

Calixto Associates & Solventis has years of experience handling the purchase and sale of businesses the Greater London Area. With expertise that combines both legal knowledge and business acumen, Calixto Associates & Solventis helps you meet your business and commercial goals.

Great firm for small/medium businesses looking for top drawer legal support with day to day issues or buy-sell situations.
— Pat

A reputation built on success

Our strong reputation in United Kingdom is built on helping our clients succeed in business transactions, while keeping their costs down. With every deal, our goal is to be both your legal advisor and your trusted business partner so that your business interests—and your success—always come first.

Calixto Associates & Solventis are the business acquisition law experts you can trust to handle your transaction with efficiency.


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